Herefordshire Cricket Limited

Terms and conditions


Should you have a complaint on any aspect of the service that we offer or behaviour or performance of an employee, representative or a Director of Herefordshire Cricket Board Limited then we ask you to follow the following stages detailed below in order to seek a satisfactory resolution of your complaint. Please read all the suggested stages and decide which is the most appropriate for the nature of your complaint.
Stage 1
We would advise that you should make an informal complaint to the individual in question who will be aware of our complaints policy and will be aware that every effort shall be looked at in order to agree a way forward or solution that is acceptable to both parties. In these cases we would ask that a suitable time period is allowed and would suggest a response within 7 working days to investigate ways forward unless quicker agreed between the two parties. We would hope that within this time frame there has been sufficient discussion and action to have remedied an amicable solution, however if this is not the case you are advised to move to stage 2.
Stage 2
If you feel that the initial complaint cannot be resolved formally via the stage 1 procedure or you find it to be inappropriate to discuss this informally then the complaint should be submitted by post to:
Mr Steve Watkins, Operations Director, Herefordshire Cricket Board Limited, Pentland Gardens, Bredon Drive, Hereford HR4 0TN
In your written complaint we would ask that you include:
• A detailed account with dates and any supporting documentation that you feel would be appropriate.
Your written complaint will be acknowledged within 5 working days and an outline confirmed on the proposed course of action that will be taken. An investigation of the facts contained within the complaint will be carried out and we will write to you within one calendar month of our findings and our decision as to whether the complaint is justified (supported) and a summary explaining the action we propose taking to resolve the matter if this is required.
If we feel that your complaint is justified we may offer recompense which might vary form an apology to reimbursement of any fees or service and any other option that we feel might be appropriate dependent on the nature of the complaint.
Any written complaints will be held for a minimum period of three years.
Last Reviewed April 2020